When Is It OK To Sleep Naked In Hotels?

There are many hard-and-fast rules of etiquette to follow when traveling. But once the “do not disturb” sign goes up for the night, a particularly, um, interesting question arises:

Is it OK to sleep naked in a hotel room? 

The topic piqued our interest after travelers on Quora discussed the issue in a recent thread. Some cited fears about sleeping in the buff, while others saw no issue whatsoever. (C’mon, when hotel beds are THIS comfy, don’t you want to sleep nude too?)

HuffPost Lifestyle asked Amy Brightfield, health and features director of Better Homes and Gardens, for an expert take on the subject. If germs or bed bugs are your concern, she says, then fear not:

Sleeping naked in a hotel bed is completely fine for your health… provided your hotel washes its sheets correctly. 

“The key to killing any germs is to wash sheets in hot water regularly,” Brightfield said. “And hotels do this after every guest… so you should be ok.”

Alistair Berg via Getty Images

Of course, not every hotel abides by high cleaning standards: Check traveler reviews before booking to make sure yours does, and do a cleanliness scan upon entering the room. If you do accidentally wind up in a hotel with bedbugs, sleeping naked will do little more than give them additional skin to bite, Brightfield said.

“Wearing PJs doesn’t make it any more or less likely that you’ll pick up bed bugs,” she said. But really, the aforementioned precautions should ensure that you don’t even encounter a bedbug hotel in the first place. 

So if disrobing is your thing, then keep a set of clothes next to your bed in case of true emergency, and enjoy the many benefits of sleeping naked… even while you’re on the road. 

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