11 Stunning Cities Where Living Abroad Is Cheap

Many of us fantasize about moving abroad, but cost can be a major barrier to actually relocating.

Enter these 11 incredible destinations that make living your international dreams easier on the wallet. Theyre among the last-place finishers in the annual Cost of Living rankingsfrom global consulting firm Mercer. And in this case, finishing last is a good thing, as it means a city is considered an affordable place to live and work.

Mercer surveyed more than 375 cities, 209 of which are included in the final rankings,on their relative costs for more than 200 goods and services, including housing, transportation, food and entertainment, spokeswoman Miriam Siscovick told HuffPost. New York City is used as a base, and the ranking compares all currencies against the U.S. dollar. The ranking is intended mostly for business managers assessing the cost of sending their employees on projects abroad, but turns out it also makes a great personal guidebookif youre looking for an affordable new city to call home.

We perused the bottom portion of the 209 cities in the rankingand picked some places we know to have a great balance of adventure, sights and culture. None are under a travel warning from the U.S. State Department, but you should certainly research your potential new hometown before moving to learn about its specific cultural norms and potential safety concerns.

Whether for just a few months, a year or the rest of your life, these cities make excellently affordable places to call home. Check em out!

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