Youre Packing Your Carry-On All Wrong. Heres How to Do It Right

1. Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 | $280 Holds five days worth of stuff; great for longer trips. 2. Filson 48 Hour Duffel | $395 This cloth cavern is great for short jaunts. 3. Frank Clegg Signature Travel Duffle | $925 A 33-liter leather carryall to classy up your weekend. STEPHANIE GONOT

What you shove into your suitcase determines how youre going to live for the next little while. Assemble your payload correctly.

Picture Me Rollin

Stop folding your clothes. Rolling everything and slotting it vertically into your carry-on will earn you gobs of space, and itll keep your shirts from wrinkling too. This isnt a lifehack; this is a must.

Do the Math

Pack everything you think you need, then get rid of half of it. If that feels extreme, try this: For every three days, bring two tops and one pair of pants. Undies and socks for every day, though.

Use the Washing Ma-Sink

Bring along some concentrated detergent and a travel clothesline (13 bucks on Amazon). A sinkful of water is all you need to replenish your wardrobe.

Kill the Wrinkles

Pro tip: If it doesnt smell, its clean. Fool everyone with a couple of spritzes of Downy Wrinkle Releaser ($6).

Layer, Layer, Layer

Dont think about clothesthink about combinations. Mix and match tops and bottoms to get more use out of everything. Light jackets, scarves, and funky ties all keep you looking fresh and your suitcase looking empty.

Stow Away a Small-Things Bag

Go to a drugstore and stock up on essentials: shampoo, toothpaste, Advil, lip balm, deodorant. Put it all in a small bag, tuck it into your luggage, and forget it until you need it. Youll need it.

Vacuum Your Wardrobe

If you cant bring less, at least break out the shrink-o-matic. Buy a bunch of bags, throw your clothes in, and suck all the air out with a pump or vacuum cleaner. Slot your paper-thin parcels right into your bag. Give them a minute to reinflate on the other side.

Prep Offline Mode

Before you hit the road, hit download. Kindle books, a dozen podcasts, a few Spotify playlists, an offline movie or two in Amazon Video. Nothings worse than flicking over to airplane mode and finding your phone is suddenly useless.

Styling by Bryson Gill

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