Why luggage locks are pretty much useless against a thief with a pen

So youve packed your bags for your upcoming travels and even brought along some valuables like your electronics and a few jewels. Not to worry: You have your trusty luggage lock, which should keep your stuff safe, right?

According to experts, you may want to think twice about your travel safety precautions.

As several blogs noted, including Techlicious, the Washington Post made the fatal error of publishing a photo of the TSAs master keys in 2014. The photo gave would-be thieves around the world all the information theyd need to 3D print their own copies, thus giving them the power to unlock any and all TSA-approved travel luggage locks ever made.

Ars Technica even tested out the 3D-printed version of the keys and were able to print, use, and break into a locked bag with ease.

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