Lonely Planet names new attractions worth visiting this year

A rare quokka appeared!
Image: flickr/ruerto42

It’s safe to say there’s an abundance of choice when it come to place to visit in Australia from urban landmarks like the Sydney Opera House to natural ones like Uluru or the Great Barrier Reef.

But according to Lonely Planet’s New In 2017 list, there are two stand-out destinations you’ve been overlooking.

One of which is Pinky’s Eco Retreat and Beach Club, opening in December 2017. It’s located on Rottnest Island in Western Australia, famous for its shameful colonial history, as well as its beaches and the so-called “happiest animal in the world,” the quokka.

The marsupial is internet famous, thanks to its adorable looks and gentle nature, making it a popular animal for selfies.

Just look at that face.

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Quokka + me + forehead vein make three!

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When you’ve got your fill of cuteness, the freshly-opened Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail is another stand-out attraction.

It’s not for the faint-hearted, however. The trek is 61 kilometres (41 miles) long, and will take approximately five days to complete.

The rewards are immense though, as you stroll “through forests and along clifftops, beaches and freshwater lagoons, passing abundant wildlife as well as photogenic natural formations like Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch,” according to Lonely Planet.

If the journey to Australia is too long, there’s plenty of other new places on the list.

Like Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution, set to open in April. It’s dedicated to the volatile time U.S. history, arguably fitting considering the country’s political climate today.

There’s also LAVA, a centre dedicated to Iceland’s volcanoes and earthquakes, which even has an earthquake simulator for the uninitiated.

Or for the style conscious, Muses Yves Saint Laurent in Paris and Morocco are two museums dedicated to the fashion luminary.

Better revisit your travel “to do” list, we say.

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