Here Is The Most Haunted Location In Every State

1. Alabama — The Sloss Furnaces

The Sloss Furnaces were an iron-producing industrial plant that operated for almost one-hundred years from 1882 until 1971. The furnace experienced countless sordid deaths in its time, including workers who allegedly slipped and fell into the molten steel.

The plant is said to be haunted by “Slag” who was a particularly cruel foreman who worked his employees to death — oftentimes literally. One day Slag slipped from the top of the highest furnace and fell to his death. Immediately after this, and onward, people claim to hear Slag’s voice ordering them to work faster and “push more steel.” Some rumors suggest that Slag was killed by his own rioting workers.

2. Alaska — the Golden North Hotel

The various gold rushes in Alaska brought many people to the state, and with the people came towns and hotels. One such hotel is the “Golden North Hotel.”

As legend states,Klondike Ike and his wife ventured to the state to hit it rich, and his wife, Mary, waited in the hotel for Klondike to return from the field.

She waited, and waited, and eventually stopped leaving her room. One day thehotel owners burst down her door, concerned for her welfare, and found her dead, wearing the dress she would have worn at her wedding.

It is said that Mary is still checked in at the hotel, and her ghost is seen staring out the window, waiting for herfianc’s return.

3. Arizona —Hotel San Carlos

Established in 1928, the San Carlos was only open a few weeks beforeLeone Jensen threw herself out the penthouse window due to a soured romance. Jensen’s spirt is said to still be mourning her lost love within the walls of the hotel. People have seen her figure standing on the roof, preparing to jump, or leering in front of their bed.

The hotel was built upon the original city well, where three boys allegedly perished trying to retrieve a ball they dropped into it. The boys are said to be heard scampering through the hotel’s halls.

4. Arkansas — Rich Mountain

Reports of who exactly haunts this mountain seem to be conflicted. Legends often talk about settlers who were driven from the valleys to this mountain during the civil war, but many locals point to more recent times as the source of the hauntings. They claim a deceased restaurant manager, or a girl who was murdered by drug dealers, is the source of the paranormal activity.

Regardless, people have reported seeing a girl carrying a lantern through the cemetery that sits on the mountain’s peak. Many people believe it is the spirit of a girl who was sent to fetch water during a freezing winter storm, but then froze at the top of a tree where she sought refugee from prowling wolves.

5. California — The Brookdale Lodge

The Brookdale Lodge was built during the height of the roaring twenties, and it quickly patronized a great number of celebrated people, politicians, and celebrities. The lodge is unique, in part, because of the natural brook that runs through the center of the building.

Many psychics have claimed that anywhere from forty-five to forty-nine spirits are haunting the building. Many of the hauntings, however, seem to center around Sarah Logan, who was theniece of a former lodge owner. She fell (or was pushed??) into the brook that runs through the lodge and drowned. Many people report seeing her crying, looking for her mother. Other mysterious activities include hearing voices, the sound of glasses cinching together, and soft music playing with seemingly no point of origin.

6. Colorado — TheFitzsimons Army Hospital

Now deserted, the hospital is said to be haunted by apparitions of former military officers, flickering lights, and the general feeling of unease. Allegedly, many WWI vets who were poisoned by mustard gas were brought to Fitzsimons for treatment, and perhaps they never left.

7. Connecticut — Union Cemetery

The cemetery has been on the radar of many horror-enthusiasts since it was investigated by ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. The site is said to be haunted by the “White Lady,” a woman whose identity is in dispute. Some say she is a mother who perished in childbirth, wandering around looking for her baby. Others say she was murdered, and her body dumped nearby. Many people have seen her drifting through the cementary or in the nearby areas.

8. Delaware —The Deer Park Tavern

The Deer Park Tavern was built over the remains of theSt. Patricks Inn, which was said to have housed both George Washington and Edgar Allen Poe.

Today, doors are said to open and close by themselves, furniture can move around without manipulation, and a general sense of unease besets many people staying there.

9. Florida —May-Stringer House

People have been said to take photos with orbs of light that cannot be explained, or mysteriously recorded audio of a little girl crying. The house was originally built by John May whose wife died in childbirth, with his child following in death only a few years later.

There is also said to be an incredibly hostile spirit known as “Mr. Nasty” who gives people the chills or makes them feel uneasy.

10. Georgia —Moon River Brewing Company

The Moon River Brewing Company is haunted by multiple ghosts, including a malevolent ghost named “Toby” in the basement. Employees of the brewery (which is still fully operational today) have reported silverware being thrown, doors closing by themselves, and unknown figures walking about the establishment long after the patrons have left.

The building was originally a hotel (what are with ghost and hotels, eh?) that was erected after the Great Fire of 1820. The location is riddled with stories of dueling, murder, and tragic heartbreak. Many people who attend tours of the brewery report being “touched” or “grabbed” by unseen entities.

11. Hawaii —Waialae Drive-In Theater

Now closed, theWaialae Drive-In Theater was one of the last drive-ins in the island state of Hawaii. The theatre’s restroom was said to be haunted by a ghostly woman with long hair and no feet. A woman told local news that, as a little girl, she would never enter the bathroom alone. The drive-in is now at least partially a developed neighborhood.

12. Idaho —Old Idaho State Penitentiary

The Idaho State prison was open for 101 years, and it is said that some of its most violent inmates never left.

Paranormal investigators and tourists have said that they’ve seen full-body apparitions, weird noises, and unexplained grabbing. Some people have left the prison bawling, saying that they have felt incredible sadness weighing down on them.

13. Illinois —Congress Plaza Hotel

Built in 1893, this ancient hotel has had a violent and brutal history almost from the very start.Dr. H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer, used the hotel as a place to find his victims. He would meet women in the hotel lobby, and then haul them down to his “torture castle” wherethey were murdered.

The most haunted room of the building is said to be the infamous room 441. People say that a female spirit haunts the room, frequently kicking and waking guests from their sleep. The south tower in general is said to be super haunted, particularly the 12th floor.

14. Indiana — The Story Inn

This hotel is all that remains of “Story” a tiny mining town that vanished in the early 1900s. The inn remains, however, and boy it has (sorry) it can tell. Here are two firsthand experiences posted online by the owner from an old guestbook:

15. Iowa —Villisca Ax Murder House

When neighborMary Peckham went next door to check on her friends who had not emerged to do their morning chores, she was shocked at what she found. The entire family was dead, apparently butchered with a giant axe.

The investigation that followed failed to result in anybody getting convicted for the crime. Since then, guests have claimed to hear children’s voices throughout the building. Reports of hauntings escalated after the new owners began renovations.

16. Kansas —The Sallie House

This home located at508 N. Second Street received its name, “The Sallie House” after a girl named Sallie who died during an appendicitis surgery in the house which was performed without any painkillers.

Today it is believed that her spirit remains in the home,perhaps alongside other spirits. The house came to national attention after many paranormal complaints fromDebra and Tony Pickman, who lived there in the early 1990s. They claimed to be physically attacked, experience unexplained injuries, and have household objects moved or pictures turned upside down.

17. Kentucky —Bob Mackeys Music World

Bob Mackey’s is a Kentucky bar that is purported to be haunted by numerous ghosts and demons. The building used to be a slaughterhouse, and the abandoned well in the basement was once used to funnel away the blood of animals that were being processed. Now, people suspect that it is a portal to hell.

Pearl Bryan, a young girl, was beheaded in the area almost a hundred years ago. Blood hounds tracked her head to this building, and many people believe it was used in a human sacrifice to Satan. After the ritual, her head was thrown into the“portal.” Her killers, on the gallows, pledged to haunt the building forever.

18. Louisiana — TheLaLaurie House

The LaLaurie House was originally overseen byMadame Lalaurie, who hosted many lavish parties. The house was kept up by a small army of slaves, who Madame Lalaurie treated extremely poorly. The slaves seemed to come and go so quickly, neighbors began speculating thatMadame Lalaurie had something to do with their deaths.

In April of 1834, a fire swept through a building attached to the main house, and in the investigation that followed, a horrendous discovery was made. According to research from,

The fire fighters discovered a horrible sight behind a secret, barred door in the attic. They found more than a dozen slaves here, chained to the wall in a horrible state. They were both male and female…. some were strapped to makeshift operating tables… some were confined in cages made for dogs…. human body parts were scattered around and heads and human organs were placed haphazardly in buckets. Grisly souvenirs were stacked on shelves and next to them a collection of whips and paddles.

According to the newspaper, the New Orleans Bee, all of the victims were naked and the ones not on tables were chained to the wall. Some of the women had their stomachs sliced open and their insides wrapped about their waists. One woman had her mouth stuffed with animal excrement and then her lips were sewn shut.

The men were in even more horrible states. Fingernails had been ripped off, eyes poked out, and private parts sliced away. One man hung in shackles with a stick protruding from a hole that had been drilled in the top of his head. It had been used to stir his brains.

Many believe that the ghosts of these slaves still inhabit the house, their tortured souls seeking vengeance for their tortured bodies.

19. Maine —Fort Knox

No, not the bullion depository, rather, this Maine fort housed soldiersduring the Revolutionary War and onward. Today, people believe the fort is defended not by human military units, but ghosts.

Many people have spotted “Leopold,” the building’s former caretaker who is claimed to still take strolls to the fort to check up on it even after life.

20. Maryland —Antietam Battlefield

The site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, the battlefield is said to still be visited by fallen soldiers. Many people visiting the site have said to see apparitions of military units or hear distant cannon fire.

21. Massachusetts —The Lizzie Borden House

On the morning of August 4th, 1892,Abby and Andrew Borden were found dead in their own home, slain by an axe. The prime suspect was their own daughter, Lizzie Borden.

Lizzie’s testimony was confusing, oftentimes contradictory, which made authorities suspicious. Despite this, a jury of her peers eventually acquitted her of the crime. Lizzie took her parent’s hefty inheritance, and moved far away from her hometown

Perhaps unhappy with the verdict, specters of Andrew and Abby Borden are said to still haunt the building. Lizzie Borden, perhaps in a perpetual attempt to hide evidence, has also be spotted moving things around in the basement. The present day owners of the estate have spoken about the irregularities they’ve experienced:

The lights had a mind of their own, turning on and off. The owners would be in a room, and in front of them, the wall switch would flick and turn on the lights.

When no one was upstairs on the second and third floors, the ownersand their staff would hear the doors open and close, followed by footsteps.

Shadow people have been seen, especially on the staircase going down to the main hallway, and walking into the other parts of the house. Owners of the home have seen shadow people move around different parts of the house. (Source)

22. Michigan — The Henderson Castle

While there are many haunted places in Michigan, this castle is one of the creepiest by far. The building is now a Bed & Breakfast, but its patrons may not all be among the living.

The spirits who haunt this building are said to be primarily friendly, and they like to tap new visitors on the shoulders or turn on and off electronics in the vicinity.Ellen Creager, a writer (and paranormal skeptic) visited the castle and talked about her experience:

I dont believe in ghosts, but it was very strangeI was sound asleep in the Dutch Room when I felt a tap, tap, tap on my forearm. I woke up and it was pitch dark. I heard a womans voice say, Go away. I lay awake for a while. I knew it wasnt a dream, but if it wasnt a dream, what was it?

23. Minnesota — The Palmer Hotel

With reports of haunting dating back to the 1950s, this hotel is an incredibly eerie place to stay the night. Many people who have stayed here have reported feeling a dark presence and disembodied voices in the basement. There is said to be the ghost of a young boy who haunts the stairs between the first and second floor.

Room 11 and 17 are the most active when it comes to paranormal activity. There are reports of intense electronic disturbances (lights flickering etc.) and apparitions.

24. Mississippi —Cedar Grove Mansion

The Cedar Grove Mansion is an operating Bed and Breakfast (with pretty great reviews btw) that is said to be haunted by its original owners. John Klein spared no expense when he built the house in 1840, and began filling it up with expensive decor, as well as a new family.

Unfortunately, the house experience its fair share of tragedy. Klein’s son accidentally shot himself to death after dropping a rifle that discharged on him. His daughter also died in the house of some childhood ailment. After the Klein family sold the house, it was used as a hospital for Union soldiers during the Civil War.

Today the house is said to be haunted by Klein, who is still looking after the house. Many people have reported hearing the sound of children playing, and even seeing apparitions of kids run through the home. Here is one testimony from Trip Advisor:

25. Missouri — Lemp Mansion

My overnight accommodations.

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Built at the turn of the century by beer brewing barons, the Lemp Mansion is said to be haunted by numerous different spirits. One of Thought Catalog’s writers actually stayed overnight here not just once, but twice! While there she was disturbed by the ghost of Charles Lemp who stirred her from her sleep and tried to hold her hand.

There are said to be other spirits haunting the mansion, including the “Lavendar Lady” and other members of the Lemp family.

26. Montana —The Old Montana Territorial Prison

As it turns out, the gold rush attracted a great deal of dishonest and thieving people. Because of that, there was a huge demand for a large-scale prison out west. This demand was met with the Montana Territorial Prison.

Built in 1870, the prison became infamous for riots and escape attempts. The prison is no longer in operation, but many guests report seeing guards and prisoners walk through the facility. Those who have ventured into the solitary confinement cell have been said to experience physical disturbances, such as the sensation of being scratched or chocked.

27. Nebraska — Blackbird Hill

One dreary day a party of Omaha Indians found a young man bleeding, ragged, and near death on Blackbird Hill. The indians took him in, and he explained to them how he had ended up there. He had been engaged to marry a young woman from the east, but first he wanted to travel through Europe. He was delayed in returning, however, and by the time he returned his lover had married another man and moved out west.

Determined to find her, the man scoured the countryside. At last, he came upon her cottage and they were rejoiced to be reunited. The woman pledged to leave her husband and remarry her true love. When the woman told her husband, however, he became violent and began slashing her and the man with a knife.

Seeing the totality of what he had done, the husband grabbed his wife and ran off the mountain cliff to both of their deaths. The man tried to stop them, but collapsed on the hilltop where he was found by the indians. It is said that every October 17th, her spirit can be heard crying through the wind. According to rumor, no plant life will grow on the path that once led to the couple’s cottage.

28. Nevada — The Washoe Club

The Old Washoe Club is located in Virginia, Nevada, which is considered one of the most haunted cities in America. The club itself is said to be haunted by an old blonde prostitute who was killed on the third floor. There is also said to be the spirt of a very young girl who was killed in the basement. While in the club, people have also reportedly seen orbs floating around parts of the building. Here is one person’s account from a travel website:

29. New Hampshire —Pine Hill Cemetery

Pine Hill Cemetery, or its nickname, the “Blood Cemetery” is possibly one of the most haunted locations in all of New England. The name comes from the “Blood” family, who are interned toward the front of the graveyard. Many people now believe that Abel Blood, a member of the family, haunts the surrounding grounds.

People have reported seeing orbs, shadows, strange tappings, and weird anomalies in photographs. A local resident commented on a ghost story blog about her real experiences in the graveyard:

30. New Jersey — The Gates Of Hell

There are countless rumors surrounding this massive tunnel system. Many people claim that the tunnel is still used for satanic rituals and human sacrifice. Countless people who have ventured through the Gates of Hell have claimed to hear whispering, quiet chanting, felt malevolent presences, or even seen apparitions.

I have explored every inch of Clifton and nowhere is as eerie as the Gates of Hell! Its said that a spirit, known as Red Eyed Mike, guards the tunnel. If you knock on the railroad ties above the entrance in groups of three, you will hear a loud horn sound from within the tunnel. I have heard this horn on occasion, and have seen rocks hurling themselves out of the tunnel with no person visible inside. I also once witnessed a small human shaped figure run out of the tunnel towards Weasel Brook Park with superhuman speed. I have been told that this is Red Eyed Mike

31. New Mexico — Luna Mansion

The Luna Mansionis now a restaurant (and apparently a pretty good one based on the reviews), but it remains plagued by the supernatural.

Employees at the mansion report apparitions that seat themselves at tables as customers, but then just vanish. Lights frequently turn themselves on, and swinging doors move without human manipulation.

32. New York — The House of Death

This infamous house is supposedly haunted by 22 ghosts, including author Mark Twain. The house was converted into apartments in the 1970s, and many people are said to have died within its walls. People have reportedly felt “monstrous presences” and seen not only Mr. Twain, but also a woman in white, a child, and a grey cat.

33. North Carolina — Brown Mountain

North Carolina’s Brown Mountain is home to the mysterious Brown Mountain orbs. Reports of these lights go all the way back to 1922 when they were dismissed as a “train light.”

But the lights still persist to this day.Many claim that they are lost native American spirits attempting to find rest. Numerous government studies have failed to produce anything resembling an explanation for the paranormal bulbs.

34. North Dakota —The Childrens Museum at Yunker Farm

It’s a children’s museum, right?? How scary can it be?? Well, apparently this Fargo-museum has patrons from the paranormal, and they have freaked quite a few people out.

The ghost of Elizabeth Yunker is said to haunt the building after dying there a long time ago.

We talked to Fargo-native and Thought Catalog writer Kendra Syrdal who spent a lot of time there as a girl. She witnessed the elevator moving on its own, andfelt someone grab her ankles while crawlingthrough a play tunnel, but nobody was there. She also said that the carousel has been reported to move by itself after closing.

35. Ohio — The Mansfield Reformatory

You might recognize The Mansfield Reformatory as the set for the movie “Shawshank Redemption.” The prison, now long retired, might still intern some prisoners who stayed past their natural life.

People have reported being touched, sensing disturbing presences, seeing shadows and hearing audible voices from nowhere. Every corner of the building seems to be riddled with the paranormal. The building remains open for paid tours, so more reports keep coming in constantly.

36. Oklahoma — Skirvin Hotel

The Skirvin Hotel is infested with the paranormal, and has scared away many celebrated people. The New York Knicks blamed a 2010 loss on lack of sleep they receiveddue to hauntings in the hotel. Sports commentatorReggie Miller has said that his water bottle was moved in his sleep while staying at the Skirvin.

It is said that when a woman became pregnant with a married man’s child, she was locked in a closet at the Skirvin to hide the sordid affair. She is said to have gone insane, giving birth in the closet and then jumping out the window. This woman’s ghost, called “Effie,” is said to haunt the hotel to this day.

37. Oregon —White Eagle Saloon

Built in 1905, the White Eagle Saloon is home to many paranormal entities. The bar is said to be haunted by the ghost of a prostitute on the second floor, and spirits of mothers who disposed of their babies in the basement are said to wander around the building. Men kidnapped for slave labor are also said to venture through the halls, as if eternally wondering how they were so foolishly trapped.

In addition, the freezer door is said to open and shut by itself, and music can be heard playing without any source. The building’s former Housekeeper, Sam, is also said to still be looking over the premises.

38. Pennsylvania — Gettysburg Battlefield

Not surprisingly, one of the bloodiest battlefields of the American Civil War is said to be littered with military spirits.

A number of people have reported their cameras as failing while on-site, and seeing orbs of blue light, particularly around the cemetery. Here is a first-hand account from Weird Pennsylvania:

I am a huge Civil War buff, so I travel to Gettysburg a lot. I always stay in the same hotel downhill from the Gettysburg National Cemetery. Last October I went there with a friend of mine. Around ten at night on our second night there, I decided that I’d take a trip to the cemetery. I climbed up the muddy hillside and got about 500 feet into the cemetery when I heard this weird chiming noise. I looked around for its source, and about 150 feet to my left was this pulsing, shimmering blue ball of light. It started floating towards me about four feet off of the ground. I got to the hill and slipped all the way down it on my butt. I heard that noise again, this time really close. I picked myself up and made my way running to the hotel room. I was pounding on the door. My buddy Dave opened the door and I pushed my way past him into the hotel room. Ill still go back to Gettysburg but I won’t stay in that hotel or go back to that cemetery again.

39. Rhode Island — The Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore might be one of the most haunted hotelsin the world. YouTube is literally littered with videos of people experiencing the paranormal. Apparently one of the hotel’s original financiers was a Satanist, who used the completed hotel as a place for his rituals and sacrifices. A chicken coop was actually kept on the roof as a convenient place to draw animal sacrifices from.

The building was also a hot spot for prohibition, and more than a few people were killed to make them keep their silence. According to Ghosts Of Providence, booze was free for law enforcement and high ranking officials, which is probably why, “between the years 1920 and 1933 six police officers were implicated in the murders of eight people within the walls of the Biltmore, along with one governor (at least six rapes, one murder) one mayor (one murder), and a cardinal (one eleven year-old prostitute drowned in a bathtub).”

Some people shared their own stories at the hotel:

40. South Carolina —Herdklotz Park

Where the Herdklotz park is located once stood an insane asylum, hospital, and prisoner work center. Unsurprisingly, it is dotted with paranormal occurrences. When entering the park at night, people are said to be consumed by an eerie feeling of unease, and people often feel as if they are being watched. A first hand account of a haunting at the park is below:

41. South Dakota —BullockHotel

Originally built in 1876 by Seth Bullock, this building was originally a hardware store before Seth refitted it as the nicest hotel in the western territories. Seth was incredibly proud of the hotel, so proud that he may have never left. Visitors have claimed to see a figure with his likeness wandering the halls of the hotel. People have also reported voices echoing throughout the halls, lights turning on without prompting, and alarms going off even while unplugged and turned off.

42. Tennessee — The Hermitage

The Hermitage is the historic home of President Andrew Jackson. After the Jackson family left the property, the deed was turned over to the Ladies Hermitage Foundation. Quickly, members of the foundation began refusing to stay overnight at the house, saying that it was haunted by the ghost of President Jackson himself.

In modern day, people have reported seeing apparitions of slaves walking through the house and hearing the sounds of chains clanking through the night.

43. Texas — Houston Spaghetti Warehouse

Built in the early 1990s, the Houston Spaghetti Warehouse has been no stranger to tragedy. In 1920 a company manager fell down the elevator shaft to his death two floors below. People have claimed to see both him and his wife (perhaps looking for him?) wandering through the warehouse long after closing.

A commenter on YouTube shared their experience:

44. Utah — Rio Grande Train Depot

Constructed in 1910, the hauntings began here not too long after. The station is said to be visited by the “Purple Lady” a woman who was crushed by an oncoming train as she tried to retrieve her engagement ring from the track. People have encountered her in the restroom after experiencing an angry, violent feeling. There is also said to be the ghost of the “tunnel man” who was killed during the train depot’s construction.

45. Vermont — Emily’s Bridge

The bridge is named after a teenage girl who was supposed to wed her lover on the bridge. When he got cold feet and didn’t show up, she hung herself from the rafters.

The bridge has now become one of the nation’s most infamous sites of ghost tourism. People come from all over to see orbs and feel pokes and scratches from “Emily.” Others have experienced camera anomalies where the figure of a girl — unseen when taking the photograph — appears after developing it:

46. Virginia — Aquia Church

This church is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who was murdered within its walls, and her corpse hidden in the belfry. It was years later when her remains were discovered, and since then people have reported hearing footsteps in the ceiling and the image of a horrified woman looking out the belfrey’s window.

One person describes their experience in the church:

47. Washington — Starvation Heights

In the early 1900s this Sanitarium was established for the treatment of illnesses. The founders, Linda and Buzz Hazzard, believed that most sicknesses could be cured through extreme starvation. Of their first 50 patients, at least 30 of them died and their bodies were burnt on the grounds. Even though the “treatment” obviously wasn’t effective, the Hazzards kept up the act to loot money from patients after they deceased. The government eventually shut her down and the Hazzards fled to New Zealand.

Linda Hazzard eventually died while fasting herself.

It is now said the the ghosts of her patients haunt thecampus of the old building. Two boys, “Jeff” and “Kyle” are said to run around the area, and many people have reported eerie voices echoing through the area at night.

48. West Virginia —Trans-Allegheny Asylum

The large gothic-style building opened in 1861. This new institution was supposed to herald in a new era of ethical treatment for the mentally-ill, but the exact opposite came to pass. Designed for only 250 patients, up to 2,400 people were crammed into the facilities and they were subjected to bizarre electrical proceduresand experimental brain surgeries. Both patients and staff were frequently murdered before the asylum finally shut down in 1994.

People walking through the building today gave claim to see the apparitions of doctors, patients, aides, orderlies, and a whole assortment of other people who once worked in the facility.

49. Wisconsin —Summerwind Mansion

In the far north of Wisconsin exists Summerwind, an ancient mansion that boasts a creepy history from the very start. The home was built byRobert Lamont, and he dismissed early complaints from the building staff about “strange noises” or events.

One night, however, Mr. Lamont chased down an intruder in the house only to discover nobody was there. Seeing proof of the paranormal himself, he and his family booked it out of there and never looked back.

The house switched owners several times and was left empty for much of the time before 1970 when the mansion was purchased byArnold Hinshaw. While living there, the entire family experienced deeply disturbing paranormal events. They would hear mumbling voices, see doors open by themselves, and feel random pockets of cold air. Indeed, one day Mr. Hinshaw’s car caught on fire — for no apparent cause — right before his eyes.

Legend goes on to state that Mr. Hinshaw found a human corpse lodged in a hidden compartment in this closet, and soon after became possessed. It is said that for weeks on end he would play the piano loudly and erratically all through the night as a means to pacify “the demons” that threatened to consume them.

Mr. Hinshaw was eventually committed, and multiple people attempted to develop the house after, all to fail for various reasons. The housewas struck by lightening in the 80s, leaving only the chimneys and basement structure standing today.

50. Wyoming —Francis E. Warren Air Force Base

As the oldest continually operating air force base in the continental United States, Warren Air Force Base is rife with rumors of the paranormal. Many people have sighted old cavalry soldiers walking about the facility. Apparently their call to duty lasted long after the end of their lives. Others have reportedly heard the sounds of “galloping” from horses off in the distance.

Many of the homes on base are also subject to paranormal activity, with a family divulging to the Rocky Mountain Paranormal association in 2005 that they were visited by various apparitions while living in a home on-base. Military officials later told the family that such sightings were not unusual.

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