Everything You Must Know to Become a Grill Guru This Summer

John Sirianni/Getty Images

What are the differences between gas and charcoal? If I’m cooking with propane, how can I tell if my tank is full or empty? And if I’m using charcoal, how do I know which type of charcoal to buy?

In this series of videos, we do our best to provide clear and well-informed answers to the most common questions about cooking on outdoor grills of all types. Our experts offer advice on choosing a type of grill, picking the right kind of fuel, buying the best accessories, and cooking your meat to the perfect level of doneness.

These tips and tricks come to us courtesy of our friends at Reviewed.com. The team also produced some shopping aids: buying guides for gas grills and for charcoal grills, and another buying guide just for portable grills. You can see even more at Reviewed.com’s 2016 Guide to Grilling.

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