9 Tips For Holiday Travel With Your Furry, 4-Legged Friends

Ah, the holidays:Tisthe season to take time off from work, hop on a flight or jump in the car, and visit relatives you havent seen in what feels like ages.

As a result of traveling together, your immediate family also gets to spend quality time with each other whenyou dont usually get to. (Of course, a few fights here and there are expected, but avoiding these trip-ruining scams might lessen those chances.)

However, there are some family members sometimes the happiest and most lovable ones of all whooften dont get to go on these holiday excursions: your pets.

Whether its your ball-of-fur cat or your energetic puppy, it feels like you have no choice but to ignore those sad eyes looking up at you and drop them off at their alternative home, both for their own safety and to maketraveling easier.

But what if it wereeasier tobring your pet along for the holidays?

Well, heres some delightful news for you: it can be. By prepping your furry friend accordingly for the journey ahead and planning pet-friendly options for when you arrive, you and your entire family two- or four-legged can come along for the ride this holiday season.

And these nine tips for traveling with your pet will let you do just that.

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1. Book An Appointment At The Vet


Make sure to get your pet checked for sicknesses and up-to-date with vaccinations around two weeks prior to your journey. Ask your veterinarian for a dated health certificate, too, in case you run into any issues during thetrip like your pet getting sick or biting someone.

2. Make Your Animal’s (And Your Own) Whereabouts Known


It is important to double-check (and triple-check) that your animal has an ID tag attached to his or her collar in the unfortunate but possible case you are temporarily separated. These ID tags should include your name, cell phone, and information about the destination you are traveling to.

This also goes for providing information on your pets crate or carrier, according to theAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

3. Pack Accordingly


Make sure to bring extra food and a collapsible bowl for waterand food on the go. And depending on where youre traveling to and the type of animal you have, Travel + Leisure suggests bringing a cooling vest or sweater.

4. Bring Calming Remedies


Pets find comfort in familiar objects they encounter on a daily basis at home, so be sure to pack an abundance of favorite toys, blankets, and treats. Also, for an out-of-the-box idea, bringlavender oil with you: rub it between your hands and apply as a massage to your furry friend.

5. Give Smart Pre-Travel Meals


Feed your four-legged friend longbefore you travel between fourto sixhours before, according to Travel Channel in order to prevent stomach issues from any sort of motion sickness. And in case this wasnt already a given, keep your pet hydrated!

6. Know How To Travel By Plane


As soon as you know that youll be traveling via airplane, register your pet with the airline immediately. Aircrafts have a limited amount of carriers they can take on each flight, and you arent the only one thinking about bringing your cat or dog along for the holidays.

7. Know How To Travel By Car


If you plan on crating (this actually makes pets feel safe) your dog or cat for the ride, make sure it is large enough for your pet to move around, lie down, and stand up. And if you dont plan on using a carrier, make sure you have a pet-friendly harness to attach to a seat belt.

8. Consider A Pet Shipping Agency


Not a fan of either of those options above, but still desperately want to bring your pet along for the holidays? Consider using the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, who can connect you with reliable pet shipping agencies that can handle taking care of your four-legged friends.

9. Book A Pet-Friendly Hotel


If youre not planning on actually staying with extended family or friends (sometimes seeing them for a few hours is just enough), make sure you look into pet-friendly policies at hotels before booking a room. Luckily, with so many pet owners around the world, you most likely won’t have a problem finding one especially in big cities.

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