9 Genius Hacks For Getting Through Airport Security Faster

Traveling is so stressful. If I could just snap my fingers and be there already, I would do it in a heartbeat.

But nothing stresses me out like the airport security line. There are so many people, things are always moving so slowly, and above all else I’m in a hurry to try and catch my plane!

I inevitably will pick the wrong line the one that takes the longest. And it seems like I’m the one who keeps setting off the metal detector, which gives me even more anxiety.

But I have finally resolved to change all that. Some people seem to fly through security as fast as humanly possible, and I am determined to be one of those people.

A couple of these hacks may seem like common sense (though they came as a surprise to me), but most of them are actually genius. I had no clue that choosing the left line versus the right line might actually make a difference!

What other hacks for speeding through security did we miss? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget toSHARE with anyone who gets as stressed at the airport as I do!

1. Always, Always Go Left…


Got a choice? Do yourself a favor and pick the left line. Experts claim that most people subconsciously go right.

2. … Unless You See A Stroller


But if you see a stroller or a family with a bunch of kids, run the other direction. Kids are beautiful, justnot at security. (Unless, of course, you’re the one traveling withkids, in which case, make sure you have plenty of assistance from a spouse or loved one!)

3. Empty Your Pants


When you leave your house, the only thing in your pants pocket should be an ID, your boarding pass, and some cash. Literally everything else should be removed.

4. Wear A Jacket And Stuff The Pockets With Valuables


Nervous about your valuables? Zip them in a coat pocket that you can quickly take off and put through the x-ray. And bonus you have a jacket to keep you warm on the cold plane!

5. Wear Slip-On Shoes (And Socks!)


Your shoes are coming off, so wear a pair that you can slide off in seconds. And please, please, please, wear socks you do not want to be barefoot in an airport!

6. Smile Til It Hurts


TSA workers are only human and they see a lot of awful and rude people in a day. Smile and be as friendly as possible they may help you out by giving you a tip aboutthe shortest line!

7. Don’t Try To Get Away With Anything They WILL Catch You!


You knowthe rules. Don’t try to break them. This will only delay you and everyone behind you. Just imagine how angry the folks in line will be if they have to wait while security workers pull water bottles from your bag?

8. Download The App


There are actually apps like My TSA or MiFlight where you can check security wait times in advance. Modern technology is a wonderful thing!

9. And In The Meantime? Sign Up For PreCheck!


TSA PreCheck is fairly new, but it can save youhours of wait time and stress. Sign up well in advance and you can skip the lines!

These genius hacks can help you speed through airport security like a pro. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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