15+ Iceland Photos You Wont Believe Are From This Planet

Even if you are living under a rock, you must have heard already that Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With only around 320,000 people living there, the country is now becoming packed with tourists flying in from all over the world, coming to see its rich nature. Roaring volcanoes, deep fjords, sharp mountains and glaciers, the country has everything under its roof.

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Not convinced? Then check out this list compiled by Bored Panda of the best photographs of Iceland we could find. With lots of new flights opening to Iceland recently, you can find rather cheap tickets if you search long enough, however, this might be the only thing you can expect to save up on. Eating, staying in hotels, renting a car – these are on the expensive side, for example, a typical meal costs around 40$. If you want to save up some money it’s good to travel in winter, since everything is a bit cheaper then, although you will have fewer hours of daylight. On the plus side, you might be lucky and see the Northern Lights. If you’re traveling in the summer you’ll have all the daylight you need in order to see a lot in one day, since the night almost never comes. On the downside, the most famous landmarks will be packed with tourists. A good way to save up some money then is to stay in tents or find a Couchsurfing host rather than going to a hotel.

For anyone interested in capturing images of stunning landscapes filled with raw power, Iceland is an absolute must-see. Nonetheless, you should remember that sometimes it’s best to put the camera down and just enjoy the view.

#1 Arctic Fox