16 Folding Tricks That Will Free Up Room In Your Suitcase (And Closet)!

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bit of a clothing problem. The issue being that I have more clothing than any man should.

Storing all my clothes has also become a problem. My closet and dressers are full, and I’ve begun to invade the downstairs coat closets with my professional attire.

And you can forget about asking me to efficiently pack for trips. I always overpack. Just this past weekend, I went to visit a friend for three days…and packed about two weeks’ worth of clothes.

In an attempt to solve these clothing conundrums, I’ve compiled some folding tricks and hacks to free up space in my suitcase for even more essentials.

1. This guy makes folding shirts as easy as A, B, C!

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2. Bulky sweaters? Not anymore…

3. What’s better than one way to fold your t-shirts? Three ways to fold them!

4. No matter the cup, this tip’s got you covered!

5. This fold transforms your shirts into tiny tees.

6. With this folding tip, you could fit a month’s worth of underwear in your desk drawer.

7. You don’t need to dress like a CEO in order to fold your clothes like one.

8. These crisp jeans look like they just came off the retail shelf.

9. If you fold your underwear like this, you’ll never run out of space!

10. It’s never too early to teach your toddlers how to fold their own onesies!

11. This sock-folding technique is perfect for those of us who aren’t victims of the infamous dryer-sock monster.

12. Folding your long-sleeved shirts on a hanger like so will eliminate those ugly shoulder creases.

13. When you’re finished reading your favorite magazine, use it to finish folding.

14. You can never have enough ways to fold your undies.

15. Save space and ensure you can see all your shirts with this trick.

16. Packing has never looked easier. Just fold everything together!

I think I’m finally ready to start packing for vacations like a pro!

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